Asus G15 R9 5900HS, RTX 3070 – Is this 15” worth $400 more than the G14/RTX3060?

Before I was completely finished working on the G14 2021 edition, I received the G15 I ordered. I was excited for sure, as this was the first laptop with a RTX 3070 that I was getting to test. Like the G14 this is a thin and light laptop coming in a 4.21lbs and .75 in...
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ASUS G14 – 2021 Refresh: Is it better than the last version?

So here I am reviewing the new version of the G14 Zephyrus from ASUS. While the last G14 was a good start, I admit I wasn't too impressed when I compared it to a few of the other laptops out there in terms of power and thermal management. Now before you come after me...
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