New Beginnings

It was with a bit of regret and a small bit of fear that I turned in my 2 weeks’ notice last week. Even though I technically left Dell 2.5 yrs. ago, Dell wasn’t done with me yet and decided to buy the company I moved to. So essentially, I worked for Dell in some capacity for the last 6 yrs. During that time, I did a bit of everything from front-line phone tech to VMware Certified Instructor. I learned a ton of IT that you never really see until you work in larger environments and made some great life-long friends. I really enjoyed teaching and the feeling I may have helped my students along in their career, and because of that, I decided to get more into the education side of IT. To do this, I moved over to EMC to be a Content Developer for the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution (1 month after I joined EMC, Dell announced the buyout and I once again became a Dell employee). I helped develop classes for that for a while before going down the path of Lab Architect.

Shortly after I started the Lab Architect role, I was approached with a possibility of blending all the things I love in a single position and with the sweet addition of getting paid for it as well. The training, talking with customers, building POCs, and blogging. I love the idea of trying to help people with the work that I do, and as I get older (ugh) I personally feel that I need to make more a difference with trying to help people. I believe this position will allow me to do that. I greatly appreciate all the help that everyone has given me up to now and continuing. The VMware community is one of the best communities I’ve ever been a part of and God-willing will continue to be part of for a long while.

Putting on a different paragraph for the TL:DR crowd, I have accepted a new role as Technical Marketing Engineer for Rubrik. My last day with Dell/EMC is 7/27. I am looking forward to working with a team of people who I greatly admire and respect. I have a ton of catchup and work to do in the coming months and pray they have the patience for me . I am extremely excited not only about the people that I get to work with but also the product as well. Rubrik has some really cool technology which I plan on delving way deeper into and seems like they really have an awesome vision on how to handle data to make it really easy to manage and control. I look forward to what’s coming….