Objective 3.5 Setup and Configure Storage I/O Control

Moving on to our last sub point in the Storage Objectives, we are going to cover Storage I/O Control. We will cover the following:

  • Enable/Disable Storage I/O Control
  • Configure/Manage Storage I/O Control
  • Monitor Storage I/O Control

Enable / Disable Storage I/O Control

This is relatively easy to do. Click on the datastore you want to modify and then click on Manage > Settings > and then General. Underneath Datastore Capabilities, you can click on Edit and then uncheck the Enable Storage I/O Control.

Configure/Manage Storage I/O Control

The same place is where you can configure it. As you see above you can change the congestion threshold or set a manual latency threshold.

Monitor Storage I/O Control

You can do this on a datastore basis by clicking on the datastore and then clicking on Monitor and then Performance. You can monitor the datastore’s space or Performance. If you click on Performance, you are treated to a lot of graphs detailing everything from latency to IOPs. And that is how you can monitor it – Here is a bonus picture.

And that concludes the Storage Section. Up Next is Virtual Machine Management! So get ready for some fun!